About Stewart

My love/addiction of gaming began when my dad brought home an Atari 2600 one day, and since that moment I’ve been captivated, transfixed, tormented, and moved by all kinds of different games that have managed to peak my imagination and creativity over the years.

I play everything, but since the internet became more widespread in the 90’s I’ve gravitated to multiplayer games as I love the social interaction and challenge of playing against human opponents rather than AI. Over the years, I’ve played almost every MMO that’s been released, as well as most First-Person Shooter’s and MOBA’s to a fairly high standard, and made friends and lasting relationships from the like-minded people that I have met during those travels.

I love to stream games for fun and watch e-sports/broadcasts of the games I’m interested in. Currently, I’m combining my love of writing and gaming, and get to report the news, write guides, review games, and just give my opinion on what is the best hobby out there.